What We Do

At Davis Associates, we are passionate about helping businesses produce excellent leadership, employee engagement and constant development. We’re here for you every step of the way, from recruitment to career management. Along that journey, we will enable you to bring about organisational change in a way that will minimise disruptions and transform overall productivity.

Your employees are the lifeblood and driving force of your organisation. In order to take your company from strength to strength, you need well-developed, confident leaders at the helm.

Davis Associates has been providing expert help to HR managers since 1981 — which is why companies like Coca-Cola, 3M and Apple have asked us to help screen their most important hires. Find out exactly how we can help you below.

Recruitment Assessment

Recruitment is a serious investment and one you can’t risk getting wrong. To get the return on investment, you want to ensure your hire is skilled in the right areas, as well as a strong company fit.

We help by offering:

  • Executive Assessment — This leadership assessment will help clarify key competencies required for the role. We will then select appropriate recruitment assessment techniques and tools to assess candidate suitability.
  • Psychometric Tests — Our psychological profiling will delve into strengths, attributes, skills, personalities and cognitive abilities.
  • Assessment Centres — Assessment centres can be used internally or externally to compare a number of highly qualified, desirable candidates.

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It isn’t enough to simply hire or promote the right employees. To make your business a success, you need to help employees develop critical self-awareness, work in a team environment and develop their leadership and competency skills.
At Davis Associates, we can provide your employees with these skills through the following development services:

  • Individual Development — This will help individuals understand their particular strengths and motivations, while demonstrating how they can progress in their career.
  • 360° Feedback — A 360° feedback process goes beyond how the individual perceives themselves and explores how others perceive them. Our tailored feedback questionnaires encourage self-awareness, improve personal development and boost job satisfaction.
  • Executive Coaching — When executives need support and encouragement, this is where executive coaching comes in. Our coaches help motivate and counsel executives, while helping them adjust to their new leadership positions.
  • Leadership Development — Using our leadership development programme, you can assess the leadership potential of employees and help established managers develop core competencies to take their leadership game to the next level.
  • Development Centres — A group development programme will help a company gain an understanding of the essential needs of its workforce.
  • Board Development — When a senior team or a board of directors is not functioning efficiently, our expert team development coaching helps to resolve issues, while encouraging the group to work as a cohesive unit.
  • Team Building — Great teams don’t just happen. They require work and dedication. Our effective team building programmes focus on the processes and dynamics of a team’s relationships, improving communication levels across the board.
  • Training — As experts in behavioural change, we offer a range of courses to improve negotiation skills and creative thinking, as well as minimise conflict.

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Organisational Change

Organisational change takes time and serious effort, but it is essential in this dynamic working environment in order to compete. Our experts at Davis Associates are here to help you make that vital transition.

Our organisational change services consist of the following:

  • Due Diligence — While dealing with mergers and acquisitions, financial and operational data aren’t the only important factors. Human capital is the greatest asset to a business and, as part of our due diligence service, we explore individual strengths and identify competency gaps within the senior team.
  • Employee Engagement — At Davis Associates, we measure employee attitudes with an engagement survey to reveal how your workforce feels about their work and their company.
  • Talent Audit — This service will help you evaluate your management and talent pipeline, while understanding individual strengths and competency gaps.
  • Employee Benchmarking — Davis Associates has a long history when it comes to benchmarking high performers across many roles and industries, while making recommendations that will assist in future selection and development processes.
  • Meeting Facilitation — Our experts can step in as an external facilitator to guide your meetings, provide structure and manage conflict.
  • Company Day Facilitation — Company days can be used as a motivational tool to engage and invigorate your workforce, giving them a renewed focus.

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Career Management

Our dedicated team help a huge range of professionals — from recent graduates to experienced executives — manage their careers by providing clarity and focus with the following services:

  • Outplacement — Our outplacement services provide practical coaching services to help your employees as they prepare to leave your company, minimising stress and upset.
  • Career Advice — Our business psychologists will help you identify work and life goals and personal abilities, providing you with direction and building your confidence.
  • Graduate Employability — Taking your first steps on the corporate ladder can be intimidating. We can help graduates get a head start, improving skills and techniques to be successful in the early stages of your career.

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At Davis Associates, our experienced and passionate business psychologists are here to help you and your business. Unlock your workforce’s potential and give us a call on +44 (0)20 8398 6644