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6 Reasons to Invest in Executive Coaching

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How can executive coaching and mentoring really help a high-flying executive?

If you’ve fought to make it to senior management or even C-suite, you’ll be well aware of the importance of constant self-improvement and its link to success. You’ll also know that no matter how far you get in your career, there is no shame in asking for a helping hand in order to help you develop and grow further.
This is where an executive coach can step in to facilitate and improve your day-to-day work life. According to Psychology Today, every CEO Needs a coach. This is becoming an increasingly widespread belief, with many COOs and CEOs coming out and openly admitting that they have benefitted from the services of a coaching firm.

But what are the actual, tangible advantages of employing an executive coach? How will it impact your life on a daily basis?

1. An executive coach is an impartial, trustworthy third party

Sometimes, you need someone removed and uninvested from a particular situation in order to get a fresh perspective. A executive coach acts as an impartial, but experienced third party. You can vent your frustrations and discuss workplace disappointments, safe in the knowledge that your executive coach prioritises confidentiality above all else. Your coach will not only be non-judgemental; they will also be able to assist and advise, in order to markedly improve your lot at work.

2. An executive coach can help you transition to a higher level of management

A promotion can be an exciting time for some, but many managers suffer from stress and confusion as a result of a promotion. They might feel a sense of isolation, and this swift transition might seriously impact their health and work. Your executive coach will likely have helped a number of managers through situations such as this, and they’ll be in the best place to offer guidance. Coaching can help new leaders build their confidence and learn what will be expected of their new position.

3. The right executive coach will show you how to improve

No matter how far you get in your career, you want to pinpoint your weaknesses and work on improving them. Your coach will likely be an experienced business psychologist who will be able to help you to develop your self-awareness so you can see your blind spots. You will then be best placed to evaluate your options, leverage your strengths and work on your weaknesses, with the guidance of your executive coach.

4. Executive coaching can help to keep you accountable

If you hired your executive coach wisely, they will take their job seriously — and their job is to help you improve and to keep you accountable. As such, they won’t let you get off track in terms of goals and overall vision. This relationship is one that requires a high degree of trust. You will need to be honest and open with your executive coach on how your goals are progressing and they will provide the encouragement and support necessary to spur you on.

5. Executive coaching can help improve your communication

According to one study, a remarkable 91% of employees say that communication is a major issue for executives. Don’t let this be the case for you. When you hire an executive coach, they can share their experience and knowledge with you. Through expert guidance, they can demonstrate the power and impact of great communication, as well as the importance of making efforts to improve upon it over time. All of this will help to improve your personal image and your existing working relationships.

6. Executive coaching can impact the culture of the entire organisation

According to Business Insider, companies either “sink or swim based on their internal culture”. A good company culture can make all the difference to employee engagement, morale and staff retention. Importantly, it also needs to be natural and unique to your business and values. While you’re attempting to create and incorporate a healthy, engaging culture into your company, an executive coach can be a motivational and helpful third-party to offer guidance and support.

These are just a few ways in which an executive coach can make a huge difference to you, your life and your business. They can also help you with networking, building self-confidence and navigating organisational change. However, these great benefits will only come about if you carefully select the right executive coach for you. Make sure they are reputable, experienced and genuinely interested in helping you advance. When you find the right coach for you, you’ll no doubt join the hoards of other executives who swear by the undeniable benefits that coaching can bring.

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Nick Davis
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