Recruitment Assessment

Davis Associates works alongside your organisation during the final stages of the assessment process to provide you with objective data on which to base your decision.

But organisations still rely on intuition and “gut-feel” when it comes to making important decisions regarding their people.  Would this be acceptable for any other business decision?

We use objective, evidence-based, assessments because it provides a better prediction of a candidate’s future performance than the traditional approach based on interview alone.

By using objective candidate assessments your organisation will be able to

  • Better understand the potential strengths and development needs of your candidates
  • Explore their personality, motivations, values and attitudes
  • Consider whether they have the situational awareness or managerial judgement necessary to make informed people decisions
  • Recruit higher quality staff
  • Improve retention rates
  • Gain a more motivated and engaged workforce
  • Increase overall performance

Although people are your greatest asset, they can also be your greatest cost.

Selecting the wrong person can cost you 150% of their salary! Can you afford to take that risk?

From Executive Assessment for senior hires to Psychometric Tests and Assessment Centres we’ve got the expertise to help you.


It is important to note that we are not Recruitment Agents and don’t get involved in candidate searches or forwarding CVs. We believe this is important in order to remain critically objective and impartial in our candidate assessments.

Hire the right people and avoid the pitfalls of recruitment. Call our team of HR consultants today on +44 (0)20 8398 6644

What our clients say

    HR DirectorMarketing Manager
  • “We have found that information provided to us by Davis Associates proves invaluable at final interview stage and has meant we are alert to areas of concern. Using this process has prevented expensive recruitment errors.”
    HR Director
  • “I thoroughly appreciated the professionalism applied by Davis Associates when assisting me with recruitment assessment.  Often we were working to tight timescales and despite this they always delivered thoughtful and meaningful feedback.“
    Marketing Manager
    Veterinary Healthcare