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Client Challenge

Working with one of the Middle East’s largest Telecom organisations in Oman, we were tasked with contributing to the individual development of over 200 members of staff, ranging from Retail Managers to Section Heads.  Our role was to carry out the assessment of and feedback to these Managers and Directors.  

Our Solution

We worked closely with the organisation to understand the strategic context of the intervention, as well as the job demands and characteristics of the typical roles each manager performs.

We then helped select appropriate psychometric tests for the organisation’s needs; one’s that would gather meaningful and culturally significant results.  

We looked at their personalities, how they are likely to behave in given circumstances and how they may come across to others.  We also delved into their motives, values and preferences.  We considered the values that guide their choices, the beliefs that shape them, interests they pursue and attitudes they hold dear.  Their motivational drivers and leadership style were discussed, along with any unconscious biases that might “trip them up” along the way.

Unconscious biases are our perceptions or experiences about what is desirable or undesirable.  Our values often operate outside of our conscious awareness and can influence our decisions (on people, projects, plans and strategy) for better or worse.  As a leader, it may include what you are predisposed to reward or punish.  It includes the culture you create for your staff and how effective this culture is in driving performance (e.g. a culture of empowerment and effectiveness versus greed and selfishness).

Unconscious biases in recruitment

After an initial analysis, we then fed back the results, providing context and bringing the profile to life.  Utilising both challenge and support, as part of an Executive Coaching approach, our Business Psychologists helped the managers build greater self-awareness and identify areas of developmental need.  Developmental planning concluded our discussions, helping the managers identify clear and practical developmental steps to be actioned as part of their day-to-day work.


A new and different approach to many, a number of these Managers felt compelled to share the significant impact our sessions had had on their working and personal lives.

“There are times when through words a person gains true clarity.  Today really seems like the tipping point in my life.  Thank you so much for sharing your insights, I really believe that through action this could be the turning point of my career!”  (Section Head)

Nick Davis
Nick Davis
Nick Davis is a business Psychologist and Director at Davis Associates, helping clients across the globe to achieve greater individual, team and organisational performance. Passionate about the beneficial qualities psychology can have within the workplace, see how Nick and Davis Associates can unlock the hidden potential of your workforce, click here. You can also find Nick on Linkedin

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