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Company Day Facilitation

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Client Challenge

After developing and facilitating a number of team building events for their management teams we were asked by our client, a veterinary pharmaceutical company, to help deliver an organisation-wide company day, forming part of their company conference.  Our brief was to ”create a sense of belonging and help drive genuine collaboration between business units, functions and managers.”

After meetings with a number of key stakeholders we arrived at the following set of objectives:

  • To help the organisation maximise its effectiveness as a cohesive unit and enhance its overall impact.
  • To explore the importance of effective cross-functional communication support and teamwork.
  • To create a sense of belonging and unity, as well as mutual understanding among employees.
  • To help drive and launch genuine collaboration as well as demonstrate the importance of sharing knowledge and information.

Our Solution

We developed and conducted a large-scale exercise, for and including all members of the organisation.  The goal was to help all persons gain an appreciation of one another and the motivation to create a truly cooperative atmosphere in which departmental and inter-departmental teams could trust each other in order to function effectively.  We introduced a novel concept to aid the brainstorming process, helping diminish the social loafing effect and ensure maximum participation and engagement in the process.  Our facilitated discussions helped explore the need for teamwork as opposed to a rivalry.  They also helped break down any silo mentality and reminded the groups to look at the bigger picture (their organisation!).

All our company day activities are geared to creating a high energy, interactive environment and just as importantly are fun!

As part of the company day, we re-introduced their organisational values, why they’re important and how they should positively affect and engage everyone, no matter their role or seniority.

We facilitated a summary session in order to bring out the key learning points for the day, highlighting the importance of working together in one big, organisation-wide, team and demonstrating the importance of sharing knowledge, resources and information.


We received great feedback for our facilitation of the Company day as well as the positive difference it had in terms of energy and new ideas coming from staff across the business.

Nick Davis
Nick Davis
Nick Davis is a business Psychologist and Director at Davis Associates, helping clients across the globe to achieve greater individual, team and organisational performance. Passionate about the beneficial qualities psychology can have within the workplace, see how Nick and Davis Associates can unlock the hidden potential of your workforce, click here. You can also find Nick on Linkedin

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