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Client Challenge

Following on from the success of recent team building and executive coaching sessions we were approached by our client, a leading player in the Medical Device sector, who wished to give their commercial management team the opportunity to go through a 360° feedback process.

Our Solution

Our experience and research have shown that a 360° feedback questionnaire is only as good as the overall development process in which it is embedded.  We outlined and then supported them through a number of key steps to ensure not only the successful design and implementation of the 360° feedback process but also to make sure that the initiative didn’t become a one-off, isolated event.

360° feedback if handled appropriately can be an important developmental tool that provides a snapshot of an individual’s perceived performance in a role and can be used in support of existing development and performance reviews.

We managed the process from start to finish, thus reducing unnecessary administrative time in-house, gathering specific and competency-based feedback from a number of sources, including their manager, peers, direct reports and other key personnel.  Our online 360° feedback system provided the managers with specific and relevant feedback on their behaviour, based on the desired role and organisational competencies.  Our system enabled anonymous and confidential input from various stakeholders, fostering more honest and accurate portrayals of their perceived performance.  The output not only broke down the various responses from stakeholders but also the frequency ratings per competency.  Details of the 10 highest and 10 lowest rated behaviours were listed and they took advantage of the opportunity to ask a number of pertinent open and multiple-choice questions to gather further more specific feedback.  

In order to maximise the key learning opportunities from the exercise, one of Davis Associates lead Business Psychologists sat with each of the managers to provide them with their 360° feedback results and talk them through their report.  Strengths and development areas were discussed and a personal development plan was formulated.


The company has already seen an improvement in communication across the organisation, with individuals relating better to one another, and encouraging a more open culture that values, rather than hides from constructive feedback.

Nick Davis
Nick Davis
Nick Davis is a business Psychologist and Director at Davis Associates, helping clients across the globe to achieve greater individual, team and organisational performance. Passionate about the beneficial qualities psychology can have within the workplace, see how Nick and Davis Associates can unlock the hidden potential of your workforce, click here. You can also find Nick on Linkedin

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